What's new in imc STUDIO 5.0?

Focus on usability

To meet varying user requirements, three new view modes are available. The “Compact” and “Standard” views are ideal for users preferring a clear and easy-to-use range of functions, although they can switch to the “Complete” expert view with one mouse-click.

Improved assistant for channel naming

A tremendous help when handling high channel counts or large testing application, is the channel naming assistant. Options for additional system parameters, such as port number or module number, complement the naming process.

Assistant for data storage

The new data storage assistant facilitates your daily measurement tasks by guiding you through the typical steps required at the end of a measurement.

With a mouse click, you can:

  • Keep or discard your measurement
  • Save comments on the measurement
  • Convert data to another format     
  • Export data import and settings

GPS channels

Particulary interesting for test-drive applications: imc STUDIO facilitates the organization of GPS position data and the visualization on maps. 

An exclusive, dedicated setup page for GPS positioning channels allows for efficient processes.

Store data after measurement - upon push of a button

The new imc STUDIO version allows to store measurement data retrospectively from the PC-ring memory - even if you have forgotten to activate storage options when starting the measurement. By pushing the button "save data" the data is stored in a project directory of your choice.

Enhanced import and export functions

New import and export functions allow automated configuration of experiments.

You can import and export:

  • imc Online FAMOS code
  • Characteristic curves
  • Balancing values
  • Parameter sets


Assistant for Kistler Roadyn Sensor

Another area where imc STUDIO has achieved advancements is the connection of smart sensors, enabling complex measurements of driving dynamics, such as Kistler wheel force transducers (RoaDyn®), to be accessed via an interface.


New design elements and functions

imc STUDIO comes with attractive new features for intuitive interactive visualization, such as:

  • Zoom for panel pages
  • Change zoom level in design mode

Navi Bar

  • Replay function
  • Navigate GPS positioning data on reloadable map

Hand in hand with measurement data analysis

The idea of integrating imc FAMOS to automate data analysis through sequences has been enhanced: by means of the new “Debug-Mode” it is possible to run these sequences step-by-step, directly with the latest measurement data. This means all interim results are available for processing and viewing, which in turn makes it significantly easier to review and develop analysis algorithms.


imc STUDIO Monitor allows multiple users to simultaneously view live data at multiple computer wokstations. Data can also be enhanced by meta information (i.e online commenting) and additionally stored by these distributed clients.

Integrate your own program code

A scripting interface enables application engineers to add their own program code to imc STUDIO applications.

This covers:

  • Integrating own software code into imc STUDIO  (c# with .net Framework)
  • Extending imc STUDIO with special functionalities
  • Coupled to imc STUDIO Sequencer, events and /or background scripts (imc STUDIO Panel, Exp)
  • Integrated workbench: development environment with modern editor (IntelliSense)
  • incl. access to external hardware (actuators, lab devices, test stand infrastructure, etc.)

Free Runtime Edition

A free Runtime Edition allows existing imc STUDIO applications to run at any number of work stations.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.