Dashing at 500 km/h to the company anniversary

imc - 25 years of productive testing

Since 1988, imc has been blazing the trail when it comes to integrated measurement and open- and closed-loop control. Technological vision and a constant innovative drive, as well as the essential purpose of developing tools for productive testing, are the foundations for 25 years of continuing growth and success. And the fact that imc isn’t resting on its laurels, but is keeping its momentum going forward, is demonstrated by trial measurements on board both the world’s fastest serial production car and the next generation of high-speed trains. Complex projects of this kind represent the culmination of practically all of the company’s technological achievements over the years providing comprehensive solutions for the customer.

Instant and reliable measurement results, captured in full motion

A compelling example of this is provided by recently completed testing of high-speed trains in Asia. Before the new fleet can be green lighted, the trains need to absolvesurpass comprehensive testing. The solution developed by imc is based on a robust and distributed real-time measurement system used for testing of mechanical and electric components. Test engineers capture and monitor measurement data from over 2,000 analog channels, as well as simultaneously record information with the acquisition of raw data. Online computations and analysis are performed in parallel with the acquisition of the raw data.

The results of such calculations provide an excellent real-time overview of the train’s current status, as well as of its individual components. This extends far beyond the information content of single measurement values. By means of these calculations and through correlation with the data from all areas throughout the 250 meters of the train’s length, precise information on the operating conditions of whole functional units can be obtained.

Not only railway sector, but also the automobile industry, aerospace, the energy sector, and the mechanical engineering field appreciate the features of imc systems – such as distributive architectures, real-time capabilities, networkability, synchronization, rugged and compact design, and their ability to run in stand-alone operation. 

25 Jahre imc