Providing a key piece of the digital puzzle

imc Partner EUROAMERICA launches new website

With the new imc website being offered in Spanish, the Mexican partner, EUROAMERICA, inserts a key piece of the puzzle into the imc-digital world:

The potential reach of imc is significantly increased with the In Mexico, there are around 110 million Spanish-speakers and in 21 countries, it is the official language. Information covering the entire imc test and measurement product portfolio, application examples and current events are now available in Spanish on the imc Mexican website.

"It’s good to know that with the new website, we are now able to use the digital world to pick up potential new customers. As a distributor of high-quality technical solutions, a key element of customer communications is to provide comprehensive information in the local language", said Edwin Reichel, managing director of EUROAMERICA and responsible for the sales of imc-products in Mexico.

The website perfectly represents the imc brand and fits in completely with our overall digital presence.

imc-Partner EUROAMERICA präsentiert neue Website